Southern Indiana home improvement, repairs, and remodeling.

Selling?  Staying?  Aging in place?

Southern Indiana Home Improvement can perform many types of repairs, and remodeling.  Make your house look better, more livable, safer, and more energy efficient with our home improvement services.

Selling or staying, houses need repairs and improvements.  It makes a house show better, is more comfortable to live in, and can save you money.  Small issues can become big problems if repairs are put off till later.  Replacing damaged weather seals or improving ventilation or vapor barriers can reduce energy costs.  Grab bars in a shower, hand rails on a stairway, reinforced door locks, or a light fixture in a dark area can make a house safer.  Drywall repair and a fresh coat of paint always brighten up a room and will make a house more attractive.

Wanted!  Bathrooms for remodeling!  Call me for a quote.

For your residential repairs and maintenance, call me at 812/738-0745 or send me an email with the form below.   Click on the About Page to see more of the things we do.  Thanks, David

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