Basement garage remodel

Soffit boxes enclosing duct work.

This is a basement garage in a new house being framed for drywall.  (The house was built by someone else.) Today I’m working on the soffit boxes on the ceiling to enclose the duct work.  Tomorrow will begin the soffits near the overhead garage doors which when open will come uncomfortably close to the finished product.  Since the garage is in the basement and the living area is above the garage, building code requires this area to be finished.

Bathroom remodel

This bathroom remodel job was gutted out down to the wall studs.  The job called for a new tub, wall tiles, light fixtures, shutoff valves, and paint.  The floor tiles, toilet, faucets, and lavatory were all somewhat new and were re-used.  During the gutting stage an unknown difficulty presented itself right away.  The walls were two layers; 1/4″ painted masonite panels over 1/2″ drywall.  Not a huge problem but did result in some spacing issues with the floor tiles.  The existing window was 100% plastic and glass and the trim I used was a plastic composite sealed in with 60 year latex caulk.  The wall tiles are set on Schulter Kerdi, and the tiled up shower nook is on a Nobel base.  We were able to take out the walls without hurting either the ceiling or the floor tiles and that was a relief.  Wrapping it up with a nice paint job including the closet

New bathtub and tiles on this bathroom remodel.
New bathtub and tiles on this bathroom remodel.

this job looked great.  Total cost to the customer less than $4500