Chicken coop; my ‘Pet’ project

Chicken coop connected to old corn crib.
Chicken coop connected to old corn crib.

We might have gone overboard on our chicken coop and it seems like I’m still tricking out some feature every week. The coop is framed up with Tulip wood we cut ourselves, and the siding was oak rejects bought at a lumber mill for $.20 a board foot.  I recently put battens on the cracks to cut down on drafts, (there still is plenty of air vent along the roof overhangs) and before that the lids on the nest boxes were reworked.  The clear panels come off those windows in the summer, and the roof overhang is just the right size and angle to allow winter sun to fill the coop, but blocks summer sun from entering.  A connector allows them to leave the coop and enter the old corn crib, and they do spend a good deal of the day there and going back and forth.  The hens enjoy quiet time in the nest boxes while most of the flock is in the corn crib area.  Last project to come: a set of stairs.  Overall, they love their coop!

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