Handyman repairs

Screened porch

He called me in the spring and needed his porch rescreened.  At the time I was busy and he wanted it done soon, so he found someone else.  Towards the end of fall he called again.  The someone else was a no show.  This time I had a few days open and I said I’d be glad to do his job.

The previous homeowner who built this porch had his own way of doing things.  Though not built to any building code, it appeared well supported and safe enough to work on.

I removed all the old nylon screen and plastic screen tracks.  The sill boards were made from regular pine lumber and were beginning to rot so I replaced them with 5/4 treated lumber.

Red 3/4″cedar strips were secured to the treated lumber sills, and then black aluminum screen stapled to that.  Another layer of 1/2″ red cedar was screwed to that to sandwich the screen between the two.

Aluminum screen and cedar are a good combination.  The manufacturer says do not staple aluminum screen directly to treated lumber as the screen may decompose.

The screen turned out nicely and is almost invisible.

Handyman repairs

Fireplace wall

This was a fun project and I’d like to do more of these installations.  The wall was bumped out about 6″ to accommodate an electric fireplace and a ultra flat screen TV.

New electric was ran for the fireplace so that it would be on it’s own circuit.  These types of heating units can draw a lot of amps and sharing the line with other devices is to be avoided.

The TV being ultra flat has it’s components in a separate box that sits on a shelf that was created within the wall behind the TV.

There is room below the TV for a hearth and above the TV for a mantle is desired.

Overall I was very pleased with this project.


Total bathroom remodel

This bathroom almost whipped me.  I didn’t have a helper this season but this customer was a somewhat disabled Vietnam veteran and had already spent 2 years trying to get this job done and I didn’t want him to wait any longer.  I thought I’d work twice as hard, and I did, and it took twice as long as I expected.  The end result was pretty good but not great.

Everything was moved to create a better floorplan for his needs.  The shower curb was reduced to 3″ to make it easier for him to step over and two assist bars were installed in the shower and one across from the shower to help him maintain his balance.  The one across from the shower will also be used as a towel bar.

The toilet has two fold-down assist bars and a heated seat with cleansing water sprays.

The exhaust fan / light was replaced with a slightly larger unit than previous.  It was near 40 years old and needed replaced, however it turns out the racket it was making was partially due to a birds nest.  Starlings will walk to the end of any cavity they can enter and build a nest.

The shower walls and floor were ceramic tiles over Schluter System substrates.   The frameless shower door was the OVE Sydney 60 and is very nice and very heavy.  It has a large opening and with the assist bars his family thinks he’ll be able to easily get in and out.

The vanity and top are special ordered from Lowes and are excellent quality.