Bathroom floor and wall tiles

This bathroom received a total make-over.  New floor and wall tiles and everything else.  The new lights required an electrician to move some wires and add another switch, and the new deluxe base cabinets required me to move the supply and drain lines to the sink.  A bifold closet door was replaced with a 6 panel door to match the bathroom door.  We had an issue with the sink in that the material around the drain hole wasn’t formed correctly.  Thankfully, the manufacturer came out and was able to make it right.  Not shown in the photo is a new propane tankless water heater installed in the closet by a plumber, and a new walk-in tub installed by that manufacturer.  The homeowner did an excellent job with the painting.


By DBCriss

Bought our first rental house in 1982 and have been doing repairs and improvements on them since then. We are mostly out of the rental house business, and now doing repairs and improvements for others.