Bathroom remodel due to a leak in the concrete wall

This bathroom had a crack in the concrete wall behind the shower that water poured through during heavy rains.  I removed the drywall around the shower, detached it from the 2×4 studs, and moved it forward so that the foundation people could make the repairs to the concrete.  When that was done, I put the shower back in position and a bathroom remodel began.   My job was to install a new shower faucet, repair the drywall, and to tile the floor.  Also shown is the orange colored product called Ditra.  The product uncouples the tiles from the concrete thus preventing any cracks in the concrete transferring into the tiles.  The homeowner then completed the job by doing the painting and installing the fixtures.


By DBCriss

Bought our first rental house in 1982 and have been doing repairs and improvements on them since then. We are mostly out of the rental house business, and now doing repairs and improvements for others.