Handyman repairs

Fireplace wall

This was a fun project and I’d like to do more of these installations.  The wall was bumped out about 6″ to accommodate an electric fireplace and a ultra flat screen TV.

New electric was ran for the fireplace so that it would be on it’s own circuit.  These types of heating units can draw a lot of amps and sharing the line with other devices is to be avoided.

The TV being ultra flat has it’s components in a separate box that sits on a shelf that was created within the wall behind the TV.

There is room below the TV for a hearth and above the TV for a mantle is desired.

Overall I was very pleased with this project.

By DBCriss

Bought our first rental house in 1982 and have been doing repairs and improvements on them since then. We are mostly out of the rental house business, and now doing repairs and improvements for others.