Cast iron kitchen sink replacement.

Cast iron sink from the 50's.
Cast iron sink from the 50’s.
Stainless steel sink.
Stainless steel sink.

The old cast iron sink was rusted near the bowls and looked old and worn. ¬† ¬†Unfortunately, the new sink didn’t cover the same area as the old sink so the counter top also was replaced. ¬†A new faucet completed the job. ¬†If you ever replace an old cast iron sink, be very careful as this one weighed 98 pounds, and once the retaining clips are removed the sink will fall straight down. ¬†The safest way to remove a cast iron sink is to ¬†remove everything from the sink; strainers, traps, drains, and faucet. Clear out everything from under the sink. ¬†Lay a 2×4 lenghtwise across the top of the sink. ¬†The 2×4 rests on the counter a foot past each side of the sink. ¬†Loop a stout rope through the stainer basket holes and around the 2×4. ¬†Loop it several times and tie it off. ¬†The cast iron sink needs to be securely fastened to the 2×4 and the 2×4 needs to be supported by the counter top. ¬†Lay on your back in the cabinet and look up at the sink and you’ll see ¬†8 – 10 metal clips hanging from the metal rim that surrounds the sink. ¬†The metal clips hang from the metal rim surrounding the sink, and the screw you see in the clip is all that’s holding the sink in place. Loosen the screw and it and that metal clip can be removed. ¬†The metal clip has a hook on it and can either be lifted off that metal rim, or if that does not work slide it sideways until you find a cutout section and it’ll drop off the metal rim. ¬†When you remove those screws & clips, the sink is no longer attached to anything other than the rope and 2×4. ¬†If you don’t have it securely attached to the rope and 2×4 it’ll fall down on you. ¬†Now get out from under the old cast iron sink. ¬†Untie the rope and lower the sink to the cabinet floor, then stand it up in the opening. ¬†It may take two or more people to lift it out of the cabinet as not only are they heavy, they are awkward in size. ¬†Hopefully your new sink will fit the old opening. ¬†New stainless steel sinks have a built in rim and not a two piece deal like the old cast iron sinks. ¬†Possibly there are new stainless steel sinks with oversized rims and next time I replace a cast iron sink will investigate that option.

By DBCriss

Bought our first rental house in 1982 and have been doing repairs and improvements on them since then. We are mostly out of the rental house business, and now doing repairs and improvements for others.

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